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7.        Program Information

Program Title

AutoCAD 2018 Certified Professional



Altering Objects

Stretch objects

Offset objects


Create a radius between objects


Trim and extend objects


Break and join objects



Work with Text: text styles, text justification, and multi-line text

Set the Annotative property for objects


Create and,use  Multileaders


Create Template Content

Create and use templates

Creating Additional Drawing Objects

Create polylines

Edit polylines


Creating Basic Drawings

Use Draw commands to create geometry

Use object snap tracking


Use polar tracking



Create Dimensions

Edit Dimensions


 dimension styles


Drawing Organization and Inquiry Commands

Calculate the area of objects

Change object properties


Use layers


Hatching Objects

Use hatching

Insert and Manage External References

Apply External References

Isolate or Hide Displayed Objects

Isolate and hide objects

Manipulating Objects

Use grips

Copy, Move, Mirror, and Rotate objects


Use selection set methods


Describe and use arrays


Use rotation reference angles


Layouts and Visibility

Create and use Viewports

Create and use layouts


Create and manage Layers


Printing and Plotting

Use page setup for plotting

Reusable Content

Create, insert, and edit blocks

Program Specific






Certiport Id #90037861                          

  •                                                                                                                                                 AutoCAD Syllabus
  • Credential Earned

    AutoCAD 2014 Certified Professional