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The institution maintains a Financial Planning Department to assist students in obtaining the financial assistance they require for their educational expenses.
Available resources include federal aid, part-time employment (administered through the Employment Assistance Office) and student loans from private lenders.

Federal assistance programs are administered through the Office of Student Financial Assistance, U.S. Department of Education. Any U.S. citizen, national or person in the United States for other than temporary reasons who is enrolled or accepted for enrollment (on at least half-time basis) may apply for the programs. Most forms of financial assistance are available for each July 1 to June 30 award period.
Students attending beyond June 30 must make arrangements to apply for aid in the new award year. Each student should request a copy of the free "Federal Student Guide to Financial Aid" which will provide the applicant with essential information.
Financial aid eligibility is determined on an academic year basis.
The mid-point of the academic year is the beginning of the second semester.
When a student enters the third, fifth, or seventh semester and is in satisfactory academic standing, he/she may apply for additional federal financial aid to meet tuition and fee expenses. 
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