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Bridge Institute Call Centers is dedicated to being an industry leader in both Domestic and International Outsourcing.  Many years ago, we outsourced almost exclusively to domestic call centers and these agencies will always be a very important part of our business.  However, recent changes in the global economy have opened the door to exciting opportunities in locations such as:
Call Centers in these countries are often able to offer highly educated agents at rates that are significantly lower than the rates of US and Canadian call centers.  While US Call Centers are quite competitive on high level applications or on applications that require a non-scripted approach, the international call centers can be excellent choices for applications such as:
Although global outsourcing can be an excellent alternative, there are always risks involved when dealing with international companies in a booming, unregulated industry.  If you are looking for a guide to help you harness the power of outsourcing while minimizing the risks, Bridge Institute Call Centers is Your One Source to Outsource.
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