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Network Monitor & Management

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Bridge Institute’ comprehensive network management solution, NetComply, offers the financial industry’s best technology in proactive network monitoring and alerting, preventative maintenance, ticketing, support, and reporting for servers, workstations, and other devices. NetComply will free up your skilled IT staff by removing daily mundane tasks that should be automated as an industry best practice.

NetComply’s comprehensive solution includes patch management, antivirus, hardware & software inventory management, vulnerability remediation, and documentation reporting to verify that your network is adhering to FFIEC bank regulations policies and procedures. NetComply also includes consulting services for banks and credit unions to increase compliance posture such as technology committee guidance, compliance guidance (e.g. pre and post exam support), strategic IT planning, and critical health checks such as annual and quarterly system reviews.

  • Reduce costs and save time by automating tedious and redundant tasks, and increase compliance posture to satisfy the FFIEC guidelines.
  • NetComply includes compliance features such as customized compliance reporting and documentation for quick and concise preparation for audits and exams.
  • NetComply’s technology is engineered to detect problems and trends across our wide client base of financial institutions, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency (e.g. predicted hardware failure, Active Directory problems, Exchange problems, critical Windows service failures, backup failures, viruses and spyware).
  • NetComply provides the industry-leading robust patch management system- This solution tests patches based on FFIEC standards then consolidates every client’s patching, allowing a wider view of results across core providers, operating systems, and software suites, reducing the risk of patch issues and downtime with banking specific applications and configurations.

To find out how using NetComply to co-manage or outsource your IT can improve your bank or credit union’s IT compliance, security and performance while cutting overall IT costs, contact Bridge Institute at or 404-916-3126.



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