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Security Services

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In an effort to increase the level of security on your networks, Bridge Institute. provides a proactive, results-based service that helps prepare your network infrastructure for upcoming vulnerability assessments and IT audits. This service includes a complete internal network evaluation of your infrastructure processes to ensure the incorporation of network security at all levels. Our premium partner provides world-class managed security services including 24x7x365 management, correlation, and monitoring of multiple security layers specifically designed and developed for financial institutions. This comprehensive security service package uses a broad-based, multi-layered approach to guard critical data and repel malicious attacks from both outside and inside an institution's network.

Components include:

Co-Manaaged and Outsourced IT Support

Network Design and Installation

Network Monitoring and Manaagement

Hosted Email

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Data Backup


Security Service





Network Intrusion Prevention Services  
Performs deep packet inspections using a signature- and anomaly-based system that blocks attacks while allowing authorized traffic to flow freely in and out of your network.
Firewall Monitoring and Management Services
Maintains a secure and continually updated firewall rule set for your institution's use and monitors firewall activity for attacks and usage.
Server Intrusion Prevention and Event Log Analysis
Blocks attacks such as buffer overflows, Trojans, and worms from coming into your servers; monitors for and prevents installation of rootkits, performs anomaly detection, and addresses "zeroday" attacks. The analysis evaluates abnormal or potentially dangerous activity on your servers to monitor failed logins, administrative activity such as permission changes, brute force attacks, and remote access by employees and trusted vendors. Automated monthly scans of each monitored server for any potential security vulnerabilities determines if critical patches or network hardening is needed to further protect your systems.
Comprehensive Reports
Easy-to-understand executive-level reports provide clear and concise summary information to help your institution manage your technology effectively. You are also provided with detailed reports that enable your Information Security Officer and network technology personnel to review and address specific areas of your system's security and performance components.


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