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Bridge Institute

Bridge Institute offered this Service to clients:

Networking             (LAN, MAN, WAN): Ability to establish data connections together anywhere in the worl
  • Cisco Routing and Switching                                                     : Able to maintain your gateway and network services

  •          Game Design and Animatio                                           : Skills to build games and create animation for games or websites

  •     Wireless Routing                                       : Can remove clumsy wires to create a wireless access points for computers

  • Telecommunications                                                                          : The ability to service your telephony services

  • Server Confirguration                                                 : Technical skills to properly operate and service your servers

  • Network Admin and Security                                       : Manage your network services and provide secure access

  • Database Admin and Configuration                      : Create and maintain software to store and manage valuable data

  • Program and Software Design                                                        : The ability to create original software for you
  • Graphic Design                                                                          : To embedd grahics within your desired web sites.

  • PC Repair                                                            : Skilled technicians with the ability to fix and repair your PC's
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