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                        One of the many benefits of attending Bridge Institute is the ability to gain hands-on training. Most companies in today's market want skilled     technicians but more
             importantly require those technicians to have real world experience. Bridge Institute provides just that type of experience. At the Bridge Institute, students are
             presented with practical real world problems and they are expected to "roll-up" there sleeves and solve these issues. Under the watchful eye of the Bridge               
             Institute instructors, students will learn how to diagnose computer problems, network problems, plan and develope topologies and learn troubleshooting
             methodology. Bridge Institute students are also expected to devote part of their final semester to externship. Through the externships, students will gain                             
             valuable real-world experience which they can apply to their resumes. So when a Bridge Institutellc student graduates, they have the necessary experience
             to confidently begin working with any company desiring their services, which gives the Bridge Institutellc student a large advantage over other students. View Details

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