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Bridge Institute premium hosted email solution eliminates the operational headaches and minimizes the costs associated with the implementation, management and maintenance of your email system. Even more, Bridge Institute' hosted email is fully automated and secure, offering the peace of mind and confidence that your email will be protected, available and compliant at all times.

With hosted email, you can have access to all the features offered by traditional Microsoft Exchange environments, as well as the following advantages:

  • Improve system uptime, security, performance, and functionality with fully redundant, geographically disperse datacenters
  • Anytime, anywhere accessibility through Microsoft Outlook Web Access (SSL encrypted)
  • Email encryption with scanning for key customer information
  • Advanced antivirus and spam filtering
  • Secure mobile phone management with encryption and remote wipe security
  • Email archiving for all inbound and outbound emails with comprehensive seven year archival
  • Decrease the total costs of delivering email to your employees
  • Consistent and predictable costs every year


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