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Data Backup

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With limited resources devoted to the ever-growing pressures of compliance, security, data growth, and disaster recovery, Bridge Institute can help your bank or credit union by assuring your data is protected and always available. Bridge Institute’ premium data vaulting solution, provides a fully automated and encrypted backup and recovery solution, getting critical data off-site (and out of region) in a secure and efficient manner. Our data vaulting solution is a completely scalable solution, automating and centralizing your bank or credit union’s backup and recovery process and eliminating the quantifiable risks, hassles and costs associated with traditional tape backup solutions.

Our affordable data vaulting solution provides banks and credit unions with:

  • Continuous off-site data protection
  • Fully automated backups
  • Real-time protection of open files and databases
  • Encrypted data transmissions from start to finish
Military grade data center infrastructure


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