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Business Continuity

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If you’re main office or data center goes down due to a disaster or unforeseen business interruption, would it take your institution hours or days to recover? Does your disaster recovery plan meet your recovery time objectives?

Bridge Institute offers a compliant, comprehensive, and affordable disaster recovery solution—exclusively designed for banks and credit unions.

With Bridge Instittue, your bank or credit union will recover from a business interruption in hours versus days ensuring your critical business processes can resume quickly after a disaster. Even more, community banks and credit unions can now gain the efficiencies of having a dedicated and redundant system at a fraction of the overall costs compared to traditional disaster recovery solutions—in most cases, a fifth of the costs of in-house and third-party solutions.

  • Dedicated virtual server hosts your bank or credit union’s critical applications and data
  • Real time image-based backups replicated to our data centers
  • Secure access to your core processor
  • Accessible anywhere with an Internet connection
  • Tested and proven FFIEC compliant
  • Mobile retail banking facility with satellite communications
  • Annual testing of your DR plan with documentation (meet the FFIEC requirements)
  • Expert support to facilitate recovery



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